About Palace Village

Welcome to Palace Village Plaza!!

Palace Village Plaza is uniquely designed with  European style charm that sits on the hill overlooking Highway 401.  We are privately owned with a professional management team and home to a mix of local and national companies/retailers. The Plaza is situated beside Eastern Ontario Recreational Trails with an abundance of green space.  Our walkways are covered for your seasonal  protection with ample parking in close proximity. Palace Village Plaza is a breathtaking experience with a  shopping experience like no other.

We are home to Wild Wings, Dixie Lee Ontario, Lily’s Bridal Boutique, etc.

Lower Floor Plan

Lower Floor Plan


The story of Palace Village Plaza is the story of how a handful of visionaries took an ordinary idea like a shopping centre and turned it into a world-class destination. Palace Village Plaza is a place where people come to shop, play, and eat.


Walking through the complex formerly known as the “Smiling Wilderness” you can see that this building is like no other. It is the closest building in all of Ontario to any 400 series highways off ramps. Built almost entirely out of heavy BC Fir timber, the building reminds you of old world Europe. The entire building is constructed out of these heavy timbers which were taken from two 40,000 sq. ft. airport hangers in Ottawa. The posts and beams seen throughout the building are as functional. The Walkway going from the restaurant and ballroom to the rest of the building is also built out of the heavy timbers.
The building is compartmentalized into individual suites. Each wall between the units is a firewall, constructed out of 2 x 6 plywood on one side with 6” of insulation and 5/8” fire.code drywall on each side.

The roof is built out of a high gauge, high profile commercial steel, fastened to the heavy timbers and insulated with a double layer of 3” insulation, secured by a bead of expanding insulation to ensure a draft free fit.

Originally the second floor of the building was an Antique Store. Later, when renovating the space into the Palace Ballroom, a Japanese Cherry hardwood floor was installed with a new solid Oak bar, new washrooms and a kitchen just for the ballroom.

Upper Floor Plan

Upper Floor Plan

The building used to house the Wild Wings restaurant, also made from the same timbers and themed after the original settlers to the area. As you come into the restaurant area you will notice a 4 tiered spiral staircase uniquely built with the same wood. More artistic flair was used in the making of the wrought iron railings and gates throughout the complex, as well as hand painted murals done by a local artisan. A local iron worker hand built all of the wrought iron throughout the building, making the property much more unique.

The Palace Village complex has it all, old world charm, a superb location with ample parking and plenty of space to grow your business.